Wendy WilliamsI’m a licensed medical esthetician and makeup artist with over 24 years of experience in the beauty industry. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I think I’ve had a makeup brush in my hand since I was six, and Santa Claus left me a make-up kit.

To this day, whenever I get a new lipstick—a girl can never have too many—I cannot wait to open it and polish my lips to perfection. Ahh… the power of lipstick!

I am thrilled to offer you what I trust to be the best in skincare products and treatments—and I’ve tested a lot of what’s out there. I am constantly attending classes and webinars and offer the latest and greatest to my clients!! The beauty and skincare industry is filled with hype and too much hope in a bottle. I promise to be HONEST with you and consistently provide you my best in customer service.

I realize makeup and skincare will not change the world. To some, it all may even seem a bit superficial. But wait. You’ve felt it. You carry yourself just a bit differently after having your hair cut and colored or after slicking on a new lipgloss. You walk a little taller. Prouder. More confident. There’s a transformational quality to feeling good about our appearance and every girl deserves clearer, healthier and more radiant skin. I invite each of you to consistently do small things that make you happy. Happiness, after all, comes in small moments. And, if one of those moments comes from a sparkly new eye shadow or a dewy, refreshed complexion, then celebrate it without excuse! After all, most of us are still little girls at heart… and it’s a girl thing.

Client Favorite!!!! Hydrafacial Starting at $150
State of the Art Rezenerate Facial Starting at $150
Patented Tama MicroSculpting Treatments Starting at $50

Waxing Brows $20
Lip $15

Make-up Application $75.
Purchase 5 products and your application is free

Wendy Williams Clinical Esthetician & Make-Up Artist